The purpose of this inspection is to find excessive moisture content in the structural cavities and framing of exterior wall systems with EIFS or Cement Stucco cladding.

What is Stucco

Stucco is a mortar mixture used for siding. It can be made by mixing sand and lime with water and various other ingredients, most often cement. Usually, wooden walls are covered with tar paper and chicken wire or galvanized metal screening. This framework is then covered with the stucco mixture. Sometimes, the mixture is applied directly to specially prepared masonry surfaces.

What is EIFS Stucco?

The most common type of synthetic stucco is known as EIFS. This stucco has been linked to moisture problems. The underlying wood on EIFS sided homes may suffer rot damage due to improperly installed materials and lack of proper maintenance. Because EIFS Stucco can actually act as a barrier, once water gets behind the EIFS system, it can’t get out because it inhibits the evaporation of trapped water. Most realtors will tell you to have a professional inspector perform a stucco inspection before purchasing a stucco-sided home.

Signs of Failing EIFS or Stucco Systems

There are very few signs of failure to the untrained eye. This is why inspections and testing are so important. Some of the signs you may want to look for are bulging EIFS and water stains on the outside or inside of the wall or around the windows.

What Does Testing and Inspection Include?

We first do an extensive visual inspection of the home or commercial building to determine if EIFS has been installed per industry standards. We then perform some non-invasive moisture testing at the surface to determine where the moisture intrusion is occuring. Our report will include detailed photos of the areas with high moisture levels that are in need of repair or replacement.

Do We Do Repairs to Stucco Systems?

No. We are not a Stucco or Siding Contracting company. We have no vested interest in finding problems that would require expensive repairs. We do not receive any commission from contractors or developers. We will however recommend repairs only when necessary.

Hire the Appropriate Professional

Most home inspectors do not perform full stand alone EIFS and Stucco inspections. In most cases, this is due to the lack of overall knowledge in the Commercial and Residential construction fields. I am a licensed Residential and Commercial General Contractor and a State Certified Structural Building Inspector. I hold fourteen International Code Council Certifications. I am fully insured with both General Liability and Errors and Ommissions Insurance. It is to your advantage to hire an experienced professional to have piece of mind for one of your most important investments.